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Junior High Policies & Procedures

The Menominee Board of Education believes that a school, like any community, must have rules by which to operate. The School Board, with the help of the students, parents, and staff has set up guidelines and rules by which the school can function efficiently and fairly in the school community.
A modern school is like a community in miniature. And, like any community, it must have rules by which it operates. A complete understanding of each person’s rights and responsibilities within the school community is necessary. Responsibilities refer mainly to the individual’s obligation to others. In order for individuals to preserve their own rights, they must assume a sense of responsibility toward the preservation of the rights of others. To the extent responsibilities are fulfilled, rights become more assured. To the extent responsibilities are not carried out, one’s own rights become jeopardized. Responsibilities provide the foundation upon which individual rights become meaningful and effective. In order to insure every individual’s rights, standards of acceptable behavior shall be developed, established and maintained.


Central Elementary

1800 18th Ave, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal DeeAnne Pohlmann

Blesch Intermediate

1200 11th Ave, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal Brandie Williams

Junior High

2101 18th Street, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal Alison Granquist

High School

2101 18th Street, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal John Mans