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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Menominee Area Public Schools!

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community, Once again, you will see some changes in each building with the most dramatic change at the JR/SR High. This is a result of the asbestos abatement project. Students, staff and families will be welcomed by new lighting, freshly painted walls, new ceiling tiles, new lockers, updated showcases and offices, as well as other areas that received some TLC. (For those folks on the second floor, we have a plan to update your areas in the future.) We will schedule an open house for the community to view the changes at the JR/SR High after Steve Sobay, Facilities Director and OHM give us the “thumbs up” that the building is ready for a walking tour. “Change”, “growth”, “collaboration” continue to be words that describe how we will meet the Board of Education’s goal to do what’s best for all kids. Student achievement is our number one priority. We continue to have challenges, but we also continue to approach those challenges as opportunities to make improvements for a better, stronger school district. Thank you to our business services staff, building secretaries, bus drivers, food service employees, maintenance/mechanic staff, parapros, teachers, supervisors, volunteers, coaches, advisers, principals and to all of the other folks who work hard to help us not only get ready for the new school year, but to keep things running smoothly all year long. Thank you to the Board of Education for their dedicated service. They work with our staff to help create a safe, secure and positive learning environment for students, staff and the community. Our professional development will continue to concentrate on mapping/aligning the K – 12 curricula in all areas and we will continue to get better at understanding data so we can make good decisions for teacher instruction that positively impacts student learning. Thanks to our teachers for taking the lead on this initiative. Having teacher-driven professional development makes the work meaningful, valuable and sustainable. Finally, THANK YOU to all of you and the community for supporting the sinking fund and education. It is because of you and because we are working together that Menominee Area Public Schools is a great place for kids. Go Maroons!
Terri Mileski
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Central Elementary

1800 18th Ave, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal DeeAnne Pohlmann

Blesch Intermediate

1200 11th Ave, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal Brandie Williams

Junior High

2101 18th Street, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal Alison Granquist

High School

2101 18th Street, Menominee, Michigan 49858
Principal John Mans